Digital GPS Translator and GPS Translator Processor

Navigation Solutions 31 Март 2015, 09:38

IEC vision and innovation pioneered the field of GPS translators. Missile flight-testing required a multi-million dollar investment in downrange personnel and radar facilities until IEC conceived a new solution and produced the only all-digital GPS translators to let the missiles track themselves. This is the third generation of signal processing translators. It is smaller, cheaper and better.


● Receives DGT S-Band and recovers GPS
and TM
● Processes analog and digital translated GPS signals to generate missile position and velocity
● Real-time recording and precise postmission processing using pretrack signal (PST) recorder
● Operates on mobile or stationary locations
Performs Reference Receiver functions


● Receives, processes, and digitizes raw
GPS spectra
● Accepts telemetry data from host vehicle (optional)
● Downlinks GPS and TM on S-Band
● Encryption/no encryption and preselect telemetry or GPS only/no-encoding capability/encoding